One Line Navigation Menu (Magento Web Template)

I had a really hard time trying to make my magento navigation menu in one straight line. Below are the Steps to fix it Step1: Find File CSS E.g /skin/frontend/default/t-shirt/css Open styles.CSS Step 2: Enter the following code: /********** < [...]


Making Catalog List Only (Magento Web Template)

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Index.php causes the nivo slider to malfunction so I needed to remove the index.php in the URL. Below are the solutions to fix the error: I use the following to remove the index.php. 1) System 2) Configuration 3) Web>secure Use [...]


WordPress + Magento

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How to move wordpress to a new domain name?


Our Blogging Tips & Advice

PLEASE READ FOR ALL INFO** Hello Everyone. I know that this video may not be something that you are all interested in… Click below to get started

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White Hat Vs Black Hat SEO Strategies

White Hat Vs Black Hat SEO Strategies

You can do SEO the right way and you can do it the wrong way. That’s the difference between “white hat” and “black hat” SEO….

Mohamed Ali -The Myth of the “Perfect Employee”

Mohamed Ali SEO debunks the myth of the “perfect employee” in today’s digital marketplace.
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How to Start Blogging – Start Your Own Blog

How to Start Blogging - Start Your Own Blog

How to Start Blogging – How to Start Your Own Blog – Click the link below!…

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Top 5 Video Marketing Tips and Strategies

Video SEO Tips in this video are broken down into a simple, easy to understand and implement style. Video SEO is crucial …

SEO – Getting to page 1 in Google

Brad Gosse talk with Wayne Peters about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the psychology behind getting to page 1 in Google and…
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Visitors to Your Website Search Engine Optimization Traffic Myths

Visitors to Your Website Search Engine Optimization Traffic Myths

There are many myths about boosting your website visits using SEO. Visitors to your website. Learn the SEO myths …
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Effective Blogging

One of the challenges of blogging is to get good readers messages of interest and keep them coming back. Sometimes I do not feel well indigenous wisdom. It is presumptuous to think that I can get superior hardware home all the time.

Another challenge is the time to blog. I ran holding U.S. dollars one billion U.S. dollars so when I decided to blog I knew that I needed to figure out how to do it effectively. My blog is mainly the efficiency and time management, these are the themes that study.

Both problems can be solved with a simple concept. Copy.

Ideas for use during the copy are the following:

1 – assignment. Give credit with a link to the original author.

2 – look for something to add. Blogs can be synergistic. Take the concept of a post or a part of it, and sacrifice, and offer advice, opinions and points of view. In many cases, this can start to ideas that have enriched the original by mail.

3 – position can be used more often all or part of it and the people spot.

4 – I usually ask permission, which has never been denied. After copying all using the original author, and collects some readers. And of course, never written copy of copy material without permission (and most blogs are written copy).

5 – The easiest way to find a place to copy the material used for blog surfing while this may mean a lot of material related to filtering.

6 – In many cases, the person you copy from a link pointing to you as it is flattering to them.

Charles Caleb Colton said: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” .

In short, copy, save time and improve the quality of the material on your site. It may also lead to traffic because in many cases, you get a link from the original site.

Keyword Research – Myth Busting

Keyword research and all myths related to it. Most People don’t know what is keyword research and HOW to find them…
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More Website Traffic Myths

Addressing the myth of magic and trickery used in SEO optimization to achieve more website traffic….
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